Biochar by Regeneration International

“To put it simply, the feedstocks [Bush Fire Load in The Blue Mountains] that were used for making biochar would release higher amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere if they were left to decompose naturally. By heating the feedstocks and transforming their carbon content into a stable structure that doesn’t react to oxygen, biochar technology ultimately reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”

Best explanation thaty I have seen todate.

2 thoughts on “Biochar by Regeneration International

  1. The key to Permaculture is a return to Nature’s Way where there is no Waste (which is the result of Specialization).
    In The Blue Mountains there is, most obviously, the Perfect Storm in climatic changes –
    1. Waste dead wood
    2. Desertification of Soil
    3. Increasing temperatures
    4. Increasinly intensive temperature of fires.
    All can be reversed by small scale (manual) production of Biochar.

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