August, 2017

What are you? Teacher, Doctor, Programmer,,

CHANGE has taken us from What is our Produce to What is our Purpose. What is the UNIQUE ...


CHANGE – How is NOW so different

Why are the POSSIBILITIES & Opportunities so uniquely huge. Economics is a Life-Cycle. Start: Small Communities of Hunter-Gatherers, ...


Decentralization is a natural for ALL food production.

Decentralization beats Monopolies, hands down, for food – particularly Homesteads. We all need to take responsibility for what ...


Avoid Bush-Fire and Build a House by Hand

The world is experiencing enormous change. The possibilities are endless. At 69, I do not expect to finish this ...


DIY Homestead – Philosophy Trends

The apparent diversity of concepts here, are not without a central purpose. The key driving force for growth ...


Diet approved by Dr. Lundell’s Healthy Humans Foundation

…choose whole foods your grandmother served and not those your mom turned to as grocery store aisles filled with manufactured ...

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